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About Ambassador Force Services Ind Pvt Ltd.

We are dedicated to providing reliable and professional solutions for manpower and security services. Our team consists of experienced professionals who specialize in customized services to meet the unique needs of our clients. Let us help you achieve your goals and ensure the safety and security of your assets.

We are as service Provider offer streamlined expertise, easing the burden on principle employers. They bring specialized skills, augmenting project efficiency and fostering innovation, all while reducing overhead costs.

At Ambassador Force Services, we redefine manpower solutions by not only offering the finest workforce but also shouldering the responsibility of punctual government compliances. We seamlessly assume the risk transfer from our clients, ensuring peace of mind. Our comprehensive approach goes beyond providing manpower; it encompasses efficient labor management, legal compliance, and adept handling of all government interactions, reflecting our dedication to employer satisfaction.


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Meet Our Team

Our Team

Meet our team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing you with the best services.


Parmeshwar A Kadam (Director)

A stalwart in Ambassador Force Services, Parmeshwar A Kadam's mastery in workforce affairs and unwavering dedication shine through. His diligent work ethic and round-the-clock availability exemplify our commitment to effective workforce management and client support.


Ramraje S Raut (Director)

A visionary leader at Ambassador Force Services, Ramraje S Raut brings profound expertise in legal compliance and operations. With a track record of strategic guidance, he drives our commitment to excellence and ensures seamless integration of compliance and operational efficiency.